Mateo’s Restaurant Cafe – Finding a New Home

Perhaps each one of us has experienced moving houses at least once in this lifetime.  To put all memories in boxes, which will later on be re-opened in a new home, is easier said than done.  The apprehensions, the thoughts of what-was-left-behind, along with the exciting dreams of what-lies-ahead, are all there in the air surrounding the personal items and physical objects we have packed in boxes.

It was just a month ago that I started this blog with Issa, pushing ourselves to put to life the ideas we have talked about, when I suddenly had to move homes.  Well, it’s not me moving houses personally, but the resto cafe my business partners and I conceptualized for almost as long as its soft opening.

We closed Mateo’s Restaurant Cafe at Malakas Street and is in the process of relocation.


If anything, Mateo’s had a pretty good run. From Spanish lessons, Crochet  and Inking workshops,  Engagement Proposals to an actual intimate wedding reception, baby showers, bridal shower, baptisms, birthdays, and Halloween parties, we are thankful for all those who celebrated milestones and special events with us. To all our dear families, friends, and guests who have at one point dined and celebrated a special occasion at Mateo’s, here is a BIG and heartfelt THANK YOU.


If you missed to try Mateo’s before, do check out the features it had from various online sources the past months:

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As they said, the food is great, and the story behind Mateo’s lives on.   At the moment, Mateo’s Resto Cafe is hidden like a treasure chest, boxed and tucked away, and waiting, no, clamoring, to be re-opened. It is in the process of finalizing a new home, which will take a few more months perhaps.  Announcements will be made online through Instagram (IG: @mateosph) and Facebook (

Please do watch out for updates and announcements on our re-opening!:)