The Joy in Bedrest

I usually keep working while pregnant, and it is such a humbling experience to be asked to rest and take things slow. Perhaps my body needed to rest (not that my work is rigorous physically) but maybe it’s more of the moving here and there the past months that eventually took its toll on me. In a gist, I had strong, early contractions — too early and too strong for this stage in pregnancy — and had to reassess my current lifestyle from the hospital bed for three nights. Thankful for my very hands-on doctor, husband, and strong family support, I am now resting at home.


(Last out of town trip before the heavy contractions. A wedding in Batangas with my husband.)


I have a week and a half left before reaching full-term. I could give birth in two, three, or four weeks. Right now, however, what’s important is to keep resting. I didn’t know that it could be quite a jolt to change a usually faster daily pace to something that’s filled with bedrest, bedrest, and bedrest. In other words, many people, find bedrest completely boring. (Admittedly, I almost did too at the start when I was not allowed to have my phone in the delivery room for 24 hours, but I realized that boredom only happens in our heads)

Boredom, I believe, is one of those things that we can choose to have or not. Bedrest can be boring or it can be joyful. Yes, joyful.

The joy of resting, for those who are used to fast-paced lives, easily comes once the jolt is done. In my case, I find joy in being able to nap with Elijah everyday, spending more time bonding with him, seeing my husband happy that I am actually home when he gets home, exchanging Viber messages with my high school friends, and gratefully coordinating with my hardworking partners at work through calls, texts, and Viber messages.

And it hits me.  This joy is my personal joy, nothing really grand. Just the simple thought of being healthy, anticipating our second baby boy, and being blessed by good people around us.  As my dad said, in the next two weeks, I must take things slow.  No amount of work (or food tasting) will ever be equal to the peace of mind brought by the fact that I am able to keep our baby safe inside the womb. So the ra-ra-ra-always-on-the-go part of me had to take a backseat for now, and I am taking things slow until my 38th week.

photo(Food tasting in the Garden Cafe at Mateo’s. One of the perks of our work that I miss, but I could always go back to later on.)



The Garden Cafe at Mateo’s

A few months ago, I wrote about Mateo’s blooms, referring to flowers that surrounded the front wall of Mateo’s.  What I did not predict then would be how Mateo’s Restaurant Cafe would bloom into what it is now, literally sprouting a Garden Cafe surrounded by glass and beautiful plants.

Last Tuesday, August 18, we had an afternoon of Spanish Lessons and Sangrias at the new Garden Cafe. We were taught how to speak basic Spanish by Lolo Mateo’s grandson, Tito Benjie Valerio, who was visiting Manila during his break from work. He teaches Spanish and French in the prestigious La Guardia High School of Music, Arts, and Performing Arts in New York City. (Cool trivia: Nikki Minaj was once his student, and he also taught the children of Madonna! And yes Madonna would personally be there to meet him for PTC’s)


(Ongoing Spanish Class photo by Margaux Lucena)


The event was styled by Sarah Bautista-Abaño of With a Flourish. She prepared our Welcome Signage with table assignments, dessert buffet, sangria bar, and the table center pieces.


(Welcome Signage photo by Stella Pastores-Esquivias)




(Sangria Bar and Dessert Buffet Table photo by yours truly)


(Top view dessert spread photo by Sheryll Rose Ontimare)


(Tablescape photo by Stella Pastores-Esquivias)


Our food for the event was of course lovingly prepared by the kitchen headed by our talented Tita Grace Valerio.  We had bruschetta, Spinach Mushroom Quesadillas, Calamari, Gambas, and Spanish Paella.



(Top view photo of Spanish Paella, Blue Fish Seviche, and Gambas by Sheryll Rose Ontimare)


To all the special guests who attended, we hope you enjoyed as much as we did! Gracias!:)


(Gracias toppers prepared by my blogging partner, Issa Mijares-Ramos. Thank you for your support always, Issa!)

* * *

The Garden Cafe at Mateo’s is open for bookings and reservations for intimate events.  It can hold up to 40 pax.  Email or call (02) 696-3724 from 11am-10PM daily.