Lala J. Tuazon

Lala lives in Manila, Philippines, with her husband and their ever-curious two-year-old son.

Lala started blogging back in 2006 (lalajara.blogspot) mostly about travel adventures, life, and fulfilling young dreams.  She turned her first blog private in 2009 and focused on teaching awesome 4th graders, in a classroom more known as the 4A Shore.  In October 2011, she married Franco, her major high school crush whom she first met in a soiree back in 1998.  In 2013, they became parents to a beautiful baby boy named Elijah.  With the prodding of a student, Lala put up another blog that involved this new life role — motherhood (mamabytheshore.wordpress.com).  Albeit motherhood happily continues, the mama blog paused and stopped altogether, coincidentally right after a post on Issa’s bridal shower, with whom she decided to share this blog a couple of years later.

This year (2015), the year of making things happen, Lala puts up fairiesandfolks.com with her good friend, Issa M. Ramos, with the intent of sharing parenting/teaching/budding entrepreneur  stories along with expressing and showcasing the creativity of ordinary Filipino folks including their own.

Professionally, Lala also taught preschool before, an elective in Positive Psychology and mentored students at Everest Academy Manila. Literacy is her personal advocacy, and she supports projects for better public education in her local area.  True to her other passion, she spreads the love for poi as a long-time member of Planet Zips Philippines, which also landed her moments of fame in the past years as brand ambassador of a few local brands.

Most recently, she co-owns and co-runs Mateo’s Restaurant Cafe (@mateosph) where various workshops are held including basic conversational Spanish and crochet.  As a wife, mother, teacher, learner, psychologist, writer, and budding entrepreneur, Lala believes in continuous learning through interacting with others in various fields. She is open to collaborating with teachers and artists who want to share their crafts.

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