Issa M. Ramos

Issa lives in Metro Manila, Philippines with her husband KC and their feline babies Bubu, Small Cat, and Summer.

She is a teacher and student of dance and anthropology and is having a grand time sharing her passion for performance and peoples with her students in St. Theresa’s College, Q.C., Whitespace Wellness Studio, and the Ateneo de Manila University.  She is also a leisure crafter and a DIY enthusiast.

Issa has always wanted to blog but hours spent dancing and being an advocate of the scholarly pursuit of dance and the performing arts kept her from having an online identity save for Facebook and the now defunct Multiply.  Her written works have been featured in RunThru, a local dance magazine and the CCP Encyclopedia of Philippine Art.

This blog she shares with good friend Lala J. Tuazon will be Issa’s virtual repository of grace-filled encounters and endeavors.

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