First, Create.

I’ve been reading this book called “In The Company of Women” by Grace Bonney, and it has been slowly inspiring me to pursue what I’ve always wanted to do as a child. I’ve kept this passion in the backseat because it’s not something that I have prepared myself for, something not aligned with my education, and something hindered by my personal fears. Sometimes though when you’re called to do something, you just know that you have to do fit. 

The creative women in the book (writers, artists, musicians, designers, ceramicists, entrepreneurs) have all these inspiring words that gave me a nudge, and I found myself drawn to reading parts of the book each day, and urging  me to pick up my pen and notebooks. To do that one thing that I must, because behind everything I’ve done in the past (teaching preschool, teaching grade school, teaching poi, dabbling in modeling, contributing articles to magazines, constant studying) I’ve known that there is within me, a need to write. That what I actually want to do is to keep writing.
I know that if I do this, and practice it each day, I shall remain true to myself. That deep inside me, there is a need for me to write. And to do so creatively, in fiction. 

As my patience has not yet been honed to finish a novel, I’ve started several short stories that I’ll be putting up in this blog. 

I usually work with a pen and notebook and edit as I type on my laptop. Right now, I am typing in my phone, but I wanted to declare it in this post so that I remain accountable for what I told myself to do. 

To be a writer in fiction is not a norm in my family nor in my circle of friends, as I personally do not know anyone with the same passion. Maybe that is where the fear comes from. And the unknown — what’s next? I honestly don’t know what’s next. What I know though is what’s first. To create. To be prolific. To be true. 

With that, I declare that I am a writer.  And there is a whole new universe of words to be written in the coming days.