BabyGoodPH: Local Organic Goodies


Like many women I know, I am a chocolate lover. Unfortunately,  like many Filipino chocolate lovers out there, there is a risk of diabetes in my bloodline, and there is a higher risk of Gestational Diabetes for me as a pregnant woman. After passing the 75g  OGTT (75 grams Orange Glucose Tolerance Test), I was able to indulge every now and then in chocolates.

And then things got even better when I found this organic local product — a guilt-free way of eating chocolates!

I tried BabyGoodPH chocolate chip cookies with salted caramel drizzle on top and also their fudge bars. Their main ingredients are organic whole wheat flour, Malagos dark chocolate, eggs, coconut oil, muscovado sugar, and sea salt.

They cost P395 per jar, lovingly wrapped in cloth and bubble wrap, shipped right to your doorstep, and gets devoured in a day or two. With that being said, I do not know its shelf-life 😂

Find them on IG at @babygoodph or email at to order your jar/s. 😊













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